• Frequently Asked Questions on Adzymic

    What is Adzymic Content Ads Management Platform?

    Adzymic Content Ads Management Platform is a tool that allow advertisers and agencies to create, serve and optimise content ad units.

    1. Create - Create Multi-Ads on one Ad units by simply inputing link, headline and image.
    2. Serve - Creative Ad tags are generated and served through supported ad servers (Doubleclick for Advertisers, Doubleclick for Publishers, Sizmek, Google Display Network)
    3. Optimise - Frequency of each ads are displayed using optimisation engine. Higher performing ad will display more frequently than lower performing ad. Users can also edit and replace ads directly on the platform. 

    How do I get access to Adzymic Content Ads Management Platform?

    To request demo and free trial, simply contact us via Contact Us Form.

    Is Content Ad Units a form of Native Advertising?

    Native Advertising has many definition and format such as:

    1. In-feed Ads such as Facebook Sponsored post and Twitter Sponsored tweet.
    2. Content Distribution platform such as Outbrain and Taboola
    3. Programmatic Native such as Sharethrough, Triplelift and Nativo
    4. Branded content offering from major publishers 

    Adzymic make use of existing standard IAB display inventory and turn them into Content Ad format.

    Using standard IAB Display inventory allows Enzymic to run across large inventory, from desktop to mobile and compatible with all major DSPs and publishers. So Adzymic's Content Ad Units are a hybrid between standard Display Advertising and Native Advertising.

    What is Content Ad Units?

    Traditionally, each HTML 5 Ad unit will contain one standard display and link. Content Ad units generated by Adzymic allow multiple ads in one unit. Content Ad units can be in the form of:

    1. List Ads unit (See mockup here
    2. Carousel Ads unit (See mockup here)

    Does Adzymic support Demand Side Platform (DSP) such as DataXu, Mediamath, Doubleclick Bid Manager?



    Yes. Adzymic support all DSP through Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM)/Sizmek/AOL Ad Servers. As long as the DSP support these major dd servers, it will supported by Adzymic.

    Which Ad Servers do Adzymic support?



    Enzymic currently integrate with:

    1.  Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM) or Doubleclick for Advertiser (DFA). 
    2. Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP)
    3. Doubleclick Bid Manager (DBM)
    4. Sizmek
    5. AOL

    Does Adzymic support Google Display Network?



    Yes. Adzymic is approved 3rd Party vendor to run on Google Display Network.

    If I do not have Doubleclick Campaign Manager Account, can I still use Adzymic?

    Yes. We have our own Doubleclick Campaign Manager Account and we can help to ad serve Adzymic's creative tag.

    Feel free to contact us for more details.

    Do I need any design knowledge to create Content Ads in Adzymic?



    No. The simplicity of the tool allow advertisers without design knowledge to create content ad unit. Advertisers just need to supply:

    1. Image
    2. Destination url
    3. Headline

    More than that, the image and headline will auto-populated from the destination url.However, the platform is also suitable for agency who can craft high performing ad copy and enticing images, similar to what performance agency has been doing for Paid Search campaign.

    I am an agency, can I create and serve Content Ads Unit on behalf of my clients?

    Yes. Certainly, there will be agency role that allow creative/media/content agencies to create Content Ads Unit on behalf of advertisers. Advertiser can also access to Content Ads created by their agency.

    Do I need HTML 5 production knowledge to create Content Ads?

    The beauty of Adzymic is that all HTML 5 display ads can be created by advertisers and agencies without knowledge of HTML 5 coding. The tool will generate creative tag and place it on compatiable ad server (e.g., Doubleclick Campaign Manager, Sizmek).

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