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Adzymic launches Vertical In-banner Video Ads

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Made popular by social media Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. vertical video ads are the new trailblazer of video advertising.

Their advantages are pretty obvious:

  • 70% of videos are now happening on mobile and 90% of the time, people hold their mobile phone vertically.
  • Vertical Video fills the whole screen and provide better ad experience, and lead to  better results in terms of engagement and views.

And recently, Youtube jumped into bandwagon and announced their support for vertical video ads too.

Introducing Adzymic in-banner vertical video ads

Beside social media channels and Youtube, advertisers can now extend vertical video ads to run programmatically across publishers, through Adzymic in-banner vertical video ads. Making use of 300x600 and 320x480 display inventory, advertisers can now deploy vertical video across display inventory.

Advantages of Adzymic in-banner vertical video ads:

Here are some features:

  1. Run across Display Inventory (300x600 and 320x480). And programmatically, so that means all your standard targeting, brand-safety applies.
  2. Work with major Demand Side Platforms (DataXu, Mediamath, Google DV 360), and even Google Display Network.
  3. Video stream from advertiser's own Youtube Video channel - Thus saving on hosting fee.
  4. Allows specific call to action button and landing page.
  5. Allows 3rd party impression and video completion tracker for complete transparency.
  6. Re-scaling from existing horizontal video.

Examples of in-banner vertical video ads

Check out some of existing vertical video ads for some inspiration:

Adobe Experience Cloud Vertical Video (300x600)

Adidas Original Vertical Video (320x480)

Adzymic Vertical Video (300x600)

Is vertical video ad the future or just a fad?

When our product team works on our road map, we always evaluate what's the future holds in digital advertising. Looking at the landscape, we certainly feel that vertical video will be here to stay (unless consumer start to browse mobile phone horizontally). And vertical video ad is going to provide immersive user experience, not just for mobile but also into the new age of Digital Out of Home (DOOH).

How to get start with in-banner vertical video ads

As easy as ABC. So drop us a note at and we will help you to re-purpose your existing vertical video ad into in-banner vertical video ads.

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