• Adzymic turns Boring Banners into High Performing, AI-Powered Content Ads in 5 mins

    Attention Marketers, Agencies: Now you can create high performing and optimised ads for your Content Marketing, Direct Response, Demand Gen and Display campaigns. No design. No Coding. Low Cost. High Impact.

    What's new in Adzymic (Release Note)?

    Past few months have been busy for us. We started our pilot release back in July to selective advertisers and agencies. Response has been great. Many have feedback on wishlist of features and what can be improved...

    Lead Gen Ads for B2B Advertising

    Increase conversion rate and reduce cost per registration by 2X!

  • About Adzymic Content Ads Management Platform

    Say goodbye to under-performing banners! 

    Adzymic revolutionises display advertising by turning HTML 5 banners into high performing content ad units. Using patent pending technology, we provide an easy solution for media agencies and advertisers to create, serve and optimise content ad units.

    Turning HTML5 Banners into Content Ad Units

    Adzymic make banners work harder for you.

    Everyone hates banners so we have re-invented how they look like. In fact, we don't call them banners anymore. We call them content ad units!

    Create Content Ad Units in 5 minutes

    No design experience required.

    Create content ad units just by adding a title and URL! As simple as sharing your social posts.

    Works with all major DSPs and Ad Servers

    From ad creation to launch. Programmatically.

    Adzymic integrate seamlessly with industry leading Ad Servers and major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).

    Beyond A/B Testing. Optimize your Ad in Real-Time.

    Just set it up and let us pick the best ads to serve.

    Using Machine Learning Algorithm, Adzymic's proprietary optimization engine takes away the guess work, analyze each impression and select the best ads to be served. Need to edit the headlines and images when your campaign is live? Edit them directly through the platform, and your ad will be served immediately. No more static creative file transfers.

    Mobile Optimized

    Of course, Adzymic support mobile advertising.

    In fact, Adzymic's content ad units work best in mobile environment.

  • Content Ads Gallery

    How does Content Ads Unit looks like?

    List Format (Mockup)

    300x250, 300x600, 970x90,   728x90

    List format transforms standard display ads into multi-listing ad formats.

    Carousel Standard (Mockup)

    300x250, 300x600, 970x250

    Carousel format transforms standard display ads into interactive multi-frame ad formats.

    Carousel Overlay (Mockup)

    300x250, 300x600, 970x250

    Carousel Overlay with text overlay image allows multi-frame ad formats. Allows longer and larger titles and text.

    Single Ad Format (Mockup)

    300x250, 728x90, 970x90, 300x600, 970x250

    Single ad format with longer description space for each ad.

  • Introduction to Adzymic Lead Gen Ad

    Increase conversion rate and reduce cost per registration by 2X! Poor lead generation result from your programmatic display effort? Fret not. Introducing Adzymic Lead Gen Ad that allow users to fill up their profile directly on Banner Ads, without the need of a landing page. See sample here.

  • How Adzymic works?


    Generate Content Ads Unit through Adzymic

    Any advertiser or agency can generate content ads unit in Adzymic. No design knowledge required.


    Serve Content Ads Unit through ad servers (e.g. Doubleclick) and to major DSPs and publishers

    Creative tags generated by Adzymic will then serve through standard Ad Server, and subsequently to any DSPs/Publishers.


    Real-time optimization and editing of ads through Adzymic

    Adzymic's own proprietary machine learning real-time optimization engine will serve the best performing ads. Content ads can easily be updated on Adzymic.

  • Traditional Banner Ads vs. Adzymic Content Ads

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